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You will find teachings geared to Christians who know they are in the terminal generation. You will find videos about consumer issues, the role of politics in the church, prophecy in the church, exorcism and deliverance in the church, stepparenting in families, motivational talks, encouragement for generation x, terminal generation, those who are process grief, politics, social commentary, biblical commentary, racism. Some will be humorous, some serious, some borderline but all meant to help you learn.

Jan 31, 2023

Christopher goes through a recent clip on some news of corruption tied to Ukraine. Christopher uses video from his wife, Kathryn to provide you and update on the war with Putin and the United States via Ukraine. Listen at this commentary and Christopher dissects the video footage from Kathryn. This is sure to raise...

Jan 9, 2023

SCOTUS did as expected and denied the Brunson Case. This sucks on so many levels. Christopher shares a few thoughts. No one is coming to save us. Not the Executive Branch, not the Legislative Branch, nor the Judicial Branch of our government. It's only going to be God. Listen at this quick review.

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Jan 3, 2023

Christopher shares about the lack of journalistic integrity after reading a hit piece on Donald Trump by Scott Lively (Link posted below). Christopher reads some pieces of Lively's article and finds some obvious integrity issues. After an inquiry from Christopher to lively (Email provided below) Christopher discovers...

Jan 2, 2023

Christopher shares a prophetic utterance about the Churches in America. Look for the signs of the coming of My Son. The Churches that are not following Me will fall. Judgment has started in My house. The House of Eli must fall. Listen as the utterance continues.

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Jan 2, 2023

Christopher shares his heart to the Terminal Generation. The generation that is going to see the return of Jesus Christ. There are a lot of spiritual battles ahead. Despite what we see, what God has spoken is going to come to pass. The darkness is getting darker and people are becoming more evil. This is a reason to...